Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Attention To Detail Re: Festive Comfort!

Auntie Jan’s mantra is “It’s all in the detail ….”, so when she and Darrell went shopping last week I gather it was very much a moot point in their festive preparation type discussions.
Christmas Toilet Seat Cover
They apparently went into Poundland where  Darrell found a festive snowman toilet seat cover hidden on a bottom shelf! He said he  ermed and ahhhed for a second or two as he knew the Lovely Laura was spending Christmas with us and didn’t want her to think we had dubious taste, however he was so over the moon with his discovery that it was in his basket before you could say “It’s CCCCCCCHHHHHRRIISSSTTMMAASSSSS!” in a Slade/Noddy Holder type way!
Festive Toilet Seat Cover 2
However, as Darrell moved on and mooched in the next section he said he felt a tap on his shoulder and saw Auntie Jan wielding another cover, this time with a Santa on…… Darrell said that his mind was in turmoil …. how could he choose?  He liked the snowman toilet seat cover but he also liked the Santa toilet seat cover, but which was best?
Snowflake Toilet Paper
Auntie Jan helped him out and said firmly “Get both, you’ll only regret it and then send me out shopping again for the one you don’t have. You can put one in the upstairs bathroom and in the other downstairs shower room, that way the theme will run throughout the house!  It’s all in the detail when decking your halls Darrell!”
Festive toilet paper
I gather that from that moment on the theme grew and whilst in Marks and Spencer Auntie Jan led Darrell to the comfort tissue section ….. where several more items fell into his basket and were duly purchased…..
Snowflake Toilet Paper
….. We now have a most  ample supply of tissue  with  robins, snowflakes and Christmas trees on for our festive comfort!
Bournmoeth 188
…… Plus some with stars,  which Darrell wants to save for New Years Eve.  What are they like?  I am not sure I should let Darrell and Auntie Jan go shopping together again, but have to confess our facilities of a personal type nature do look very ermm…. seasonal!! ….. Po, Po, Po!


Candycane said...

Am loving the T-Roll ... Where are they from???

CC xXx

Mr. D said...

Put some in the fridge for the effects of the turkey curry on the days after Xmas?

Anonymous said...

And how would YOU feel if folk bought toilet paper with monkeys on and wiped their nether regions with you boys then, huh? Huh? Signed, The UK Robin Protection Society. Snort, snort :))

marc said...

o i am so jealous of your little room decs and i myself would say tastful creations of a softer bottom type that i have sent the french maid out Stephan to the east end of good old london town with a couple of shiny pound coins to find a what do you call it pound shop and purches from the good shop keeper two of their finest toilet huggers and i will order on line some festive bottom tissue of a soft nature yours in a show biz way Hugh

Anonymous said...

Remember you can have this trendy, unbelievable bargain snowman seat cover all winter....after all. snowmen are for the whole winter season! The stars and the tree tissue sound very festive(?), but can you spare the robins and just use that for decoration? Best save the robins Wishes Dianne

Mr. D said...

Why not have a festive snowman toilet cover all year round?
We have a "Let it snow!" towel in Abu Dhabi where it is currently shorts and tee shirt weather.