Friday, 16 December 2011

A Christmas Present For Darrell From The Kodak Team!

There was a flurry of very festive excitement when Darrell received a DO NOT BEND envelope in the post ….…. we all gathered round as he tentively opened it ….
Kodak Picture Kiosk
….. to reveal, exquisitely tied with ribbon, a set of cards with our picture on the front which made us gasp in astonishment! …..
Kodak Picture Kiosks in Boots
Someone very clever at Kodak had used a picture from our blog,  taken in the summer when Granddad Colin had sent us an abundance of his home grown cherry tomatoes and  had turned into festive photo cards for us to send to our family and friends ….. it is safe to say we all welled up a little, how kind.
Boots Kodak Picture Kiosks
It was a “Thank You” from Kodak for all the help Darrell had given them when he demonstrated their Big App way back in November.
Boots Kodak Picture Kiosks 1
But that was not all, Lara from Kodak also sent him a £5 gift card to use in one of Kodak’s Picture Kiosks to make calendars, collages or some more cards.  We all decided that after we break up for Christmas, we would go to Boots to try out one of these Kiosks and make some greetings cards, with our picture on the front to send to our blog friends on their birthday so that everyone can share   in  Darrell’s good fortune.
Boots Gift Card
But Darrell's first job was to e-mail Lara at Kodak to say a mahhoooosive “Thank You” for his “out of the festive blue” nature type gift, which had really made all of our day. Thank you Lara xxxx
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Mr. D said...

Wow - (even more)fame at last.
Is this the sort of thing that happens to famous people and those who give big showbiz waves, like Hugh?
I did a huge picture of Mrs. D when you mentioned the Kodak Big App last month - I will put it on the wall at an opportune moment.

marc said...

That s very kind of them to do that at Kodak and it goes to show that your opinion on things is appreciated well done boys and good on you at Kodak a bit of good customer services goes along way i for one will be looking at your products etc in a new they care light big love Marc