Saturday, 3 December 2011

Nigel’s Performance Management Interview With Sandra

andys nokia 718
Nigel needed quite a lot of help with his Objective Settings ready for his Performance Management interview with Sandra.  But as he is only really "part" part time Sandra felt that he shouldn't be over burdened with responsibility and regimented duties.
Nigel'sperformance management
Sandra told him that his greatest strength was his physical ability to squeeze and manoeuvre himself through the complicated internal system of the photocopiers thus enabling jams and blockages to be cleared quickly,  therefore minimising disruptions to the flow of rush photocopying jobs , and for that his efforts should be commended........
andys nokia 720 
….. after which Nigel blushed profusely ….
andys nokia 732
I have to say that I have never seen Nigel look so earnest as he hung on Sandra's every word and Sandra remarked afterwards how endearing Nigel was when you could actually pin him down to one spot.
andys nokia 733 Buoyed up by Sandra’s kind words and trust in him,  Nigel acquainted himself with one of the office sellotape dispensers
andys nokia 721
….. not too successfully ……
andys nokia 723
….. but Sandra did say she would see if there were any local authority training courses she could send Nigel on …


Mr. D said...

Make sure the photocopier is switched off AND unplugged, with someone standing guard before Nigel is let loose inside - could be dangerous.
Did Nigel get a belt and/or braces after his rather cheeky image? The last photo is rather too revealing.

marc said...

Nigel does seem to have bb lol mind you he looks like his lost a bit of weight big love marc

sioux said...

Ha Ha Loving your builders bum xx