Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Avoiding Certain Of Our Festive Duties!

Christmas Kiss
Though, generally we enjoy all aspects of our rush photocopying and laminating jobs, there is one duty that sends a chill down both Darrell’s and my spine, especially in the festive season, when Sandra asks either one of us to take the photocopying numbers to the Admin Office. Our hearts beat fast with trepidation and we, more often than not, break out in a cold clammy sweat …. because the said Admin Office that is where Tallulah works doing the Cover Duty List/Rota ………
Don’t get us wrong, Tallulah is a lovely girl, but she does have a certain reputation and a voracious appetite for LUUUUUURVE. It seems that the festive season heightens her passions of a romantic nature,  and her main objective becomes getting either Darrell or I  alone (or together) and  manoeuvring  one (or both of us) under the most mahooooosive sprig branch of mistletoe we have ever seen …. to erm …. “Ignite the flames of desire”, as she puts it  (usually quite breathlessly!).
Peeping round the door
So Darrell and I have a pact where we watch each others backs and make sure we are NEVER alone when visiting her office.  One of us knocks and peers round the door and if the coast is clear the relief that emanates from both of us is tangible!
Tallulah 1
And,  if she is there we drop the papers on her desk as fast as we can,  make our excuses and ..... RUN!
Avoiding Christmas kiss Back to the Sandra ……..Resources 
……. and sanctuary!


marc said...

o boys your such wimps LOL she is a goddess look at those luscious lips and big bright eyes she could be a movie star ,i think you do protest to much lol i think deep down you are scared that true love could bloom between one of you and her thus leaving one of you out in the cold lol kissy kiss love Hugh LOL

Mr. D said...

Maybe when you are a bit older you won't be scared by young ladies like Tallulah.
Careful at the office party!