Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Cracker Jokes Have A Lot To Answer For ….

How do Monkeys make toast?
Picture 211
…… Put it under the grilla!!
Picture 212
Picture 214


Di said...

Ho, ho, ho! I'm supposed to be going to bed now and will be shaking and snorting with laughter under the duvet keeping someone here awake now :)) Di xx

marc said...

funny one boys having problems getting on line will be back in london in the new year big love marc ps di i will email soon as i get time big love marc

lynne said...

Hahaha good one! Shame it wouldn't work though as there is a mahoooosive gorilla in our loft and you could get atleast 8 slices under his bum...would save a fortune in electricity.
Lynne & Archie♥

Mr. D said...

They don't get much worse than that! What about squeaky pop?