Tuesday, 27 December 2011

More Presents!

Aunty Jan and Vinnie gave us wonderful gifts, some of an Olympic type nature for Christmas reflecting their voluntary sporting activities of recent months.
Presents From Aunty Jan And Vinnie
Darrell was thrilled with his rock star t-shirt with a guitar on the front and an Olympic initial D badge to wear.
Picture 192
Nigel got a mahooooosive bag of Olympic mascot jellies and a Olympic badge with his initial on.
Picture 197
And I too was gifted with an Olympic badge with an M on ….
Picture 200
….. and a Trampolining and Gymnastic Memory Game which afforded us much amusement and family fun, when we decided to give this year’s Christmas Day episode of typical Eastenders misery, doom and gloom and none festive cheer a miss!
Picture 223
You had to try and match pairs of cards featuring very energetic gymnastic activities .. and the person who matched most pairs  was the winner.
Picture 216
It made my brain hurt trying to remember where I had last seen the matching card to the one I had just turned over.
Picture 222
…. Nigel needed a lot of help, finger pointing and prompting to match a pair  …. but was very pleased with himself when he did!
Picture 218
But it soon became obvious that games of a remembering type nature were very much Darrell’s forte …. and from henseforth shall be known as The Magnificent Mr Memory!


Mr. D said...

Maybe Marc knows some of the people featured on the cards.
Fun and games for all the family.

Mr. D said...

Mrs. G - do you or a friend work for the CIA, Mi5, the Special Branch or a magic gnome? Are you a friend of James Bond or M or Q? Can you see me through the web cam?
How do you know I am im Amman, apart from the fact I said I was going to Jordan?

Di said...

Hello Mr D - there is a sneaky little gizmo to the right hand side of this blog called Feedjit. It's a live traffic feed logger and make fascinating reading. I think you last hopped in here about 7 hours ago! I use it on my blog and it's often much more interesting than the things I post about :) Di x

Mr. D said...

Thanks Di,
I imagined something like this. I didn't suspect Mrs. G of anything bad.