Saturday, 24 December 2011

So Kind And So Blessed.

We are very busy with our festive preparations and are having terrible problems with our computer  BUT it would be unforgiveable if we didn’t say THANK YOU to all our friends who have thought about us this Christmas ….. Yesterday the postman came with some cards and presents for us ….. “You’re a popular little lot here” he said “Are you famous  or somethink? Rumour has it down the depot that you get more mail than JLS”  and he chuckled!
Card from Benji
There was a card from Benji who lives the Volunteers Life in Manchester with Chris and Roger, and very much looking forward to marshalling at the naked cycle race through the city later on in the year!!!  THANK YOU BENJI XXXX
Picture 063
There was also a very festive card of a monkey type nature from Hank, Marvin and Marcel who were adopted by Di, and now live in posh Hampshire.
Picture 064
THANK YOU  xxxxx It made us laugh a lot.
Miseltoe snowman card
And finally our parcel which came from Auntie Lynda (who is the daughter of our adopted Grandma Winnie) she sent us the most romantic snowman card and a bag of Traditional Scottish Tablet that she made just for us …. we are going to keep it until after Christmas and do a very special festive Confectionary Review dressed in our Gay Gordon Scottish Apparel to nom!
Picture 074
If Nigel can wait that long !!!
Picture 077
There was also a small mysterious package enclosed eluding to our love of the sea, but we are keeping that to open on Christmas Day.  THANK YOU Auntie Lynda xxxxxx

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Mr. D said...

I think I am a bit out of touch. I had to Google JLS, just like I had to Google Derek Acorah a while back. He is a British medium but I am a British small (clothes size anyway.)