Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Can Wait – It’s Darrell’s Performance Management Interview!.

Darrell's performance Management
Although we would LOVE to get really festive now that the season of Advent is upon us, there are still matters to be attended to in the office of a serious and professional type nature, namely our Performance Management and Objective Setting interviews with Sandra.  She has requested that until she has met with each of us in turn, we refrain from coming to work in our "gay apparel" to ensure that an element of sobriety is maintained.
Darrell's Performance Management 1 Darrell’s interview was first.  He filled out his form very diligently and with a great deal of thought.  Sandra had already elucidated upon certain duties and areas of responsibility that she wanted us to develop in the coming year, so we all had some idea of what to put down.
andys nokia 715
But Darrell was still a bit nervous, that he had set everything out correctly.
andys nokia 727
But Sandra put him at his ease and told him what a mahoooosive asset he was to the office, especially on all matters of a computer type nature, and was delighted to see that he was willing to diversify and develop his knowledge as regards to the workings of the photocopiers.
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Sandra also said that taking care of the office amaryllises (William and Richard) was an important responsibility, especially at this time of year when they (hopefully) will be in full bloom just before the Christmas break and become the annual festive talking point amongst the other office staff due to their rather rude shape whilst growing!
andys nokia 726
After the interview Sandra suggested that a now buoyant and confident Darrell should take a little time to familiarise himself with all the different names of the papers in the store cupboard, as it was very easy to confuse the Flamingo Pink with the Bullfinch Pink, and likewise the Bunting Yellow and Goldcrest Yellow.  She also added that she would be testing him on them as part of his on-going training before letting him loose on the ordering.....


Mr. D said...

It should not be Amaryllis William. It should be a Sweet William plant.
Rude shape - don't let the students see them!

marc said...

here here Mr D young ladies of a tender age should be unaware of such things ,but i fear they could be subliminally influenced by such things, On a different note well done Darrell your doing well but again should you find your self in need of work i can always find you work in London of similar nature big love Marc

Anonymous said...

Marc - that photo of your dog with the santa hat on is ADORABLE!!!

Mr. D said...

I agree 100% with Jan the Fan. Marc, great photo!

marc said...

thank you i will have to take one of all 3 of them in hats big love marc