Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve - Lighting Our Christmas Lanterns

Picture 187
We always put lanterns in our trees in the back garden at Christmas to remember all our special people who can’t be with us like Granny Shelia. 
Christmas Eve lanterns
But this year we have decided to put the lanterns in what mum calls the “singing ringing” tree in the front garden, it’s never been big enough before, but this year it’s perfect …
Christmas Eve lanterns 2
This afternoon I hung all the lanterns , making sure that they all had a candle in ….. and then when it went dark, we all went out and took it in turns to light a lantern until they were all lit.
Picture 181
It looked beautiful ……..
Picture 183 
and now we know it really is Christmas.
Picture 185


Di said...

Beautiful!! Love and hugs, Di xxx

Mr. D said...

The singing ringing tree brings back memories. I found it very scary as a child. A strange east European programme.