Thursday, 22 December 2011

We Couldn’t Find A Festive Song About Coming Home For Christmas On The West Midlands Bus … But Thought We Would Use Some Artistic Licence!

Driving Home for Christmas 1
We’re bussing it home for Christmas
Oh, we can't wait to see those faces
We’re bussing it home for Christmas, yeah
Driving Home for Christmas 2
Well we’re moving down that road.
And it's been so long
But we will be there
We’ll sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving Home For Christmas 5
Travelling on the bus                                                               
Bussing it home for Christmas
It's gonna take some time
But we will get there
Driving Home For Christmas 6
Top to toe in tailbacks
Oh, we got red lights on the run
But soon there'll be a clear way
Get our feet on holy ground
 Driving Home For Christmas 3
So we’ll sing for you
Though you can't hear us
When we get through
Driving Home For Christmas 7
And feel you near us
We’re bussing it home for Christmas
Travelling on the bus
Driving Home for Christmas 9
Bussing it home for Christmas!

Based on Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rhea and released by Stacey Solomon this week from the Iceland Ads

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Mr. D said...

I don't recognize the song. Maybe the Banga Bus Company should record an advert with you as the stars. I'm sure Hugh and Marc could give advice.