Thursday, 29 December 2011

Our Last Confectionary Review Of The Year – Traditional Scottish Tablet

Traditional Scottish tablet
As you know a couple of days ago Auntie Lynne sent us some, of her very own and therefore  “untouched by the hands of machineary”,  traditional Scottish Tablet. We had resisted until today to try it (although Nigel has gone on and on about nothing else since it arrived)…. and in honour of such a gift we have decided that it should go down officially as our last confectionary review of 2011!
Scottish tablet
As we gathereed round our festive tasting table the anticipation was palpable …. and our taste buds expectant of a Scottish delight that we had not yet experienced ….
Scottish Tablet 1
It did not disappointed ….!!
…… “Sweet, crumbly, rich and incredibly morish” is how (we think) Nigel so succinctly put it!
Confectionary review
And Darrell declared that if he hadn’t got work responsibilities of a photicopying type nature he would be very tempted to pack his bags and move to Scotland permanatly if this is what they ate up there!
Nom Nom Nom Nom 
And, I have to admit, that it was truly heavenly confectionary, I wish I could have eaten forever and which has spoilt me for Thornton’s forever!  I award it 20 noms out of 10.
Nom nom nom
….. as did Darrell ….
Posh Fudge
…… and Nigel …. like Oliver he said “ Please Auntie Lynne, can I have some more!”
Nom, nom, nom. nom, nom, nom, nom !!! Even better than sprouts!


sue said...

Scottish tablet is the BEST!!!!!!! We were lucky enough to be given some when my daughter went to Scotland last year - nom nom!!!!!!

marc said...

i take enougth tablets to know this looks like you would need a large swig of something strong and warming to help you swallow it big love marc

Mr. D said...

20 noms - does that beat the record?
Untouched by human hands - maybe they were made by the gorilla of the xmas cracker joke.
They got me to conduct the cracker whistle orchestra on the 25th. Not quite Andre Preview.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

So is it like crumbly fudge?? Ooo that sownds good!

Hey my best present this year was sum fossilised dinosaur poo!!!

lynne said...

Soooo glad you liked the tablet we sent.

Do think from now on, when I make it for our school sales, I should put on the label 'as recommended by Monkey, Darrell and Nigel' and charge an extra 20p?

Lynne & Archie ♥

Anonymous said...

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