Monday, 5 December 2011

Introducing Mollie Monkey

Mollie Monkey
We haven’t arranged many adoptions since the summer as we have been so busy,  but we have finally arranged one for our friend Sue in Gosport, who asked us ages ago, however it took us quite a while to find a suitable unloved and abandoned monkey for her.
So today we are proud to be able to introduce to you Mollie, who is very settled in her new home, just in time for the festive season …. with her new friend, who we very much like the look of!
For those to take a keen interest in our ensembles …. Mollies dress (which includes a hood) came from Poundland, where they also do a Santa top and trouser set, bargaintastic! 


Mr. D said...

Another happy monkey.
How much did the dress cost?
Let me guess......

marc said...

o how sweet and what a fantastic price for a santa suit think some one should run down to pound land at put them on ebay big love Marc