Friday, 23 December 2011

Oh Come All Ye Faithful …

Carol singing 1
Last night we thought we would spread a little festive joy in our street by knocking on everyone’s door and singing them a carol…..(for free)
 Carol singing
We were very nervous …. but had practiced “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” until we were word perfect …..
Bournmoeth 189
…… but unfortunately all the said practicing had also made us a trifle hoarse and croaky….. and we think that this may have been the reason why some neighbours were a touch reluctant to open their doors to us and others pretended to be out by hiding behind their curtains, after hearing our efforts as we wassailed up their drives, lanterns akimbo.
Bournmoeth 206
But we persevered …….
Bournmoeth 203
…… until Darrell’s voice finally gave out completely …..
…. and we thought we heard someone yelling “Someone’s killing a cat out there, phone the police!”
Bournmoeth 201
But to add insult to injury, we later heard that Nigel had gone out after us to do the same thing and had won plaudits from almost every house on both sides of the street, many saying that he had a voice not dissimilar to that of a young Aled Jones, if only they could have understood the words!  ….. And he came back with £2.50, a box of mince pies and a hamster (which we made him take back!)


Mrs A. said...

Iv'e banned Monkey & Norm from doing the same in our close. Have a good Christmas boys and may Santa bring you everything on your lists. Hugs Mrs A.

Mr. D said...

Nigel and the hamster - made me chuckle.
Maybe the lights held under your faces made you look scary.

Di said...

Monkey and Darrell could always sing 'We two kings Ovori and Tarr'? Oh dear, pre-Christmas hysteria is setting in here!! Di xx

Anj said...

ooooh! You could come wasailling up our lane anytime - I don't have any hamsters to donate but the cocker spaniel has driven me nuts today - and could be in need of a new home if she dosnt buck up by tomorrow!! x x