Monday, 19 December 2011

No. 2 - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

We are sooooo blessed in a Hello magazine type way! Every day seems to bring us something wonderful in the post and we are feeling very spoilt and very loved.
Thank You
A mahoooosive “Thank You” to George, one of our unloved and abandoned monkeys rescued from  e-bay and now adopted and living very happily in lovely Hampshire with Jackie and Lewis. George sent us each a present with very posh tag with his picture on.  We have put them under the tree and are very excited. We will admit to having a little squeeze and fertle  but have not peeped.  Thank you George, Jackie and Lewis xxxx
X Factor rejects
We have also had a very funny card from Clint and Max also happily adopted, this time to Middlesex with Jen.  It’s an Xmas Factor Reindeer Reject card (which we were a bit remiss in covering this year, for which we apologise, but our heart went out of it when Craig was voted off, as he was our winner of choice)
X factor Christmas card
It’s a little of a rude type nature and Nigel seems to spend quite  a lot of time looking at it and laughing ….. we are wondering if he can secretly read!!!!!   Thank you Max, Clint and Jen xxxx  And HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all.


Mr. D said...

Maybe he is only looking at the pictures. You will have to do a test to see if Nigel can read.
Maybe leave a note in a prominent place saying somethng that would affect him and see if he takes the bait. E.g. Christmas has been postponed.

marc said...

GREAT CARDS and Mr D your very wise are you one of the 3 kings big love marc

Mr. D said...

Thank you for your wise words.