Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Season Of Goodwill And Expanding Waistlines!

‘Tis the Season of Goodwill and Resources is awash with biscuits of a very high standard and delicious nature …. Usually we share the odd packet of Gingernuts or Hobnobs but thanks to the festive generosity of certain paper companies we are now enjoying the delights of the cream and chocolate coated variety……
Fox's Biscuits
….. which are going down a treat!
Fox's Biscuit Assortment
We have also noticed a mahoooosive surge in young ladies bringing all manner of baked comestibles for us to sample …..
Cakes Akimbo …. our Santa suits are already beginning to
feel a little erm ... snug!Cake and cup of tea …. but it would look so rude, ungracious and discouraging to refuse anything the young ladies offer us …… and these iced dainties made by the Head Girl shattered the nom, nom scale!!!  We are so blessed to have a job with such wonderful benefits of a fringed kind….. nom, nom, nom!


Anonymous said...

It certainly should be acceptable to gain a little extra around one's middle when one is wearing their gay apparel Santa suit. Simply proof of the merry, festive, holiday party good times! Best holiday treat wishes from Dianne

Mr. D said...

What was the nom count for the iced dainties? I think the previous highest score was 11 (out of 10, somehow) so to shatter the record it must be a fair bit higher.

marc said...

As tiny tim would say god bless them one and all for their festive food kindness they look to be a 15 out of 10 to me big show biz wave Hugh i am very busy in panto at the mo