Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Two Posts Today - Keep Scrolling Down .....As Rod Stewart Once Said “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It" ….

I don’t know how it happened …..
…… but Tallulah caught me off guard …for just one second ...
Last Christmas 4
…… and seized the moment …..!! It's not the time for recrimination and details into the hows, whys and wherefores, I just need to be alone for a while and regain my dignity!


Mr. D said...

Was a post-prandial tipple involved?
Had you taken a liquid lunch?
Was there s surfeit of Xmas spirit?
Was it under the mistletoe?
Were you taken in your unawares?

Monkey said...

JUST LEAVE IT MR D !!!! It happened .... let's just leave it at that ...... !!!!! PLEASE!!!

Mr. D said...

Ceased the moment?
Seized the moment?
Both work in their own way.
I remember a certain person has a thing for Rod Stewart('s music.)

Mr. D said...

Oops again.
My second comment was made before I saw Monkey's reply.
I will change the subject - Wolves scraped a draw and my lot play away tonight.

Anonymous said...

Revenge Via Tallulah!! Signed, The UK Robin Protection Society. :))

Debbie said... is the air, where was the mistletoe? have a great christmas boys, hugs x

marc said...

it had to happen i know there is so much more to that young lady than meets the eye i think deep down she has a very big heart and is a wise women or i could be wrong and she could be a tart with a heart did you lead her on did you let her think that she had a chance you may have broke the poor girls heart office partys with just the two of you seems a bit strange to me big love marc

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMM....The questions keep coming in a veritable whirlwind .....difficult to get a clear picture of the WHOLE situation....Best wondering Wishes....Dianne

Anonymous said...

I still say - PROTECT THE ROBINS from being 'mere nether region wipes on toilet rolls'!!!!! Yeuch! Talullah will strike again........with her luscious red lips poised on our behalf! You have been warned. Signed, The UK Society for the Protection of Robins!

sioux said...

Awww you've made her Christmas and maybe even her whole year. I recently found your blog and have loved reading about you and your little friends, so much so I felt a strong desire to rescue a little chappie also from that on-line sales site, I'm now awaiting his arrival, I'm thinking he shall be called Noel, I'll send photos when he arrives, In the meantime hope you have a very merry Christmas xx

Anonymous said...

My friend Brian Monkeey thinks Tallulah is a real babe - & he's jealous you got a Christmas kiss...
Hope you recover quickly.