Thursday, 22 December 2011

Our Present For Sandra

We all clubbed together to buy Sandra a Christmas present
A present for Sandra
At first we had robust and, at times, heated debate about what we should get our beloved boss
Picture 005
But in the end we all agreed on a mahoooosive bar of fruit and nut chocolate and a pack of playing cards that had pictures of all the famous golf clubs in the world on….
Present for Lady captain
…. because when she’s not being our boss, she is the Lady Captain of her golf club, which makes her almost a dignitary, like a Mayoress or something, but not quite a Queen.
Picture 008
There was a little more robust discussion then about what we should write on the gift tag …..
Christmas present for the Boss
…. but eventually we decided not to mince words ……. and just say it from the heart.
Christmas No. 1
Then yesterday morning we put it on her desk and acted naturally …. once Sandra had sat down at her desk, we heard her say very quietly “You naughty boys!” ….. and then gave us each the most  mahoooosive hug that took our breath away …. we love Sandra xxxx


Mr. D said...

A great boss and she has some cheeky monkey employees.

Di said...

Aw, wonderful of you boys! Were the nuts in the chocolate bar monkey nuts? Aaaagh, scrub that question!!! Hank and Marvin XX