Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Little Something For Nigel’s Fan Club

We couldn’t help but notice in our “Chatroom” that Nigel has got a Fan Club ….. how brilliant is that?
Nigel 1 Nigel 3
They had left a message suggesting that Nigel should don an angel costume for the festive season ….
Nigel 4 Nigel 5
However Nigel said (we think) that he wasn’t too comfortable with wearing clothes of a feminine nature …..
Nigel 2011
…. and that his festive costume of choice would be a Santa costume not too dissimilar to Darrell's and my own.
Christmas Pin Up 2011
So especially for his “Fan Club” we arranged a special photo shoot of Nigel in his chosen gay apparel …..
Santa Christmas Outfit
….. and plan, if Nigel’s popularity continues to increase, to produce some Nigel “merchandise” for the New Year!!
Wolverhampton Christmas 2011
This year we hear that Cliff Richard calendars have out stripped Justin Beiber’s in popularity  ….. all we can say is “Sir Cliff, you’d better watch out …… there’s  a new pocket pin up on the horizon !”


Mr. D said...

I think I know who is the driving force behind the Nigel's Fan Club. The "big love" is the clue - Marc and Hugh?
I think Angels can be male as well as female so it is still a possibility for Nigel.
Great photos.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mr. D. about Angels - in the Bible I think they are all male. I don't think Archangel Gabriel ever showed his feminine side!

marc said...

We would rush out and buy a calender with you onit any time your a natural in your photo shoot
and you could get away with wearing any thing we still think you would look good in a angel outfit s you would be setting the trend and not being a follower of others Monkey and Darell are well good fellows but you are a young hip monkey who should lead the style stakes your FAN CLUB Wants to see more of you in the New year ......

marc said...

PS the fan club sent me this letter above to post on here for them they don't want to upset monkey and Darrel by reveling to much of them selfs big love Marc