Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Performance Management Interview With Sandra.

Performance management Objective setting
As I was last to have my Performance Management interview with Sandra, and having heard about Darrell and Nigel’s experiences, I was determined that I too would give a good account of myself and show a willingness to learn and progress in the world of rush photocopying and laminating.
Monkeys Performance Management
Sandra had given me some interesting and challenging suggestions, which we both  realised would take me a little out of my comfort zone but I which I told her I was willing to embrace.Performance management Interview 1
….. and we had a robust and frank exchange where we discussed my anxieties about using the computer network system to produce documents through the medium of the photocopier ….
Performance Management Interview 2
….. but she assured me that she thought I was more than capable of the task and that she would not let me loose on anything of a complicated nature until I was completely au fait with ALL procedures.
Shredding 1
She also said that she was confident that I fully understood the sensitive nature of the documents that I would now be responsible for shredding ……
Shredder ….. and trusted that in no way would any of the information that I gleaned from the said documents would ever find its way as a “scoop” into the school newsletter…. as if……….. !!!!!


Mr. D said...

Don't get any body parts of a sensitive nature caught in the shredder. Painful.
Don't put too many sheets in the shredder at once!
Don't use it to shred wheat, only paper.

marc said...

you look very intelegent in your glasses you can use the shredder to make beding for small animals big love marc

Mr. D said...

Careful Marc, Nigel could get lost inthe "bedding."