Monday, 26 December 2011

Our Christmas Day Snapshots

We have much to tell you, but it’s hard to blog when there’s festivities akimbo going on around us ….. so just for now and in brief …..…
Picture 127
….. Nigel only got of his bike for his Christmas dinner ….
Quad Bike
…. and when he fell off.  Heaven help us when he is let loose in the garden, as we have promised to make him a little obstacle course.  But first we need to fashion him a crash helmet and get him to stay on for a little longer at a time.
Mini quad bike
He says he wants to “Pimp His Ride” ……. which is very, very worrying!
Picture 148
We also had a few presents to open ….…. like our present from Auntie Lynne And Archie with the mysterious message about us loving the sea, wrapped in beautiful hand stamped snowflake paper…..
Picture 150
It was a calendar of the Moray Coast, somewhere we have never been, and not sure if The Sun does £9.50 holidays there but we shall investigate, in the mean time we are going to put the calendar on our desk at work, to remind us that we need to work hard and diligently in order to save for all our holidays.  THANK YOU AUNTIE LYNNE and Archie xxxx
We didn’t forget to go into the garden to wish the fish in our pond a Happy Christmas
Christmas Fish 1 
…. but have to admit that our Christmas dinner smelt a lot better than their piscatorial one…
Christmas Fish
Happy Christmas little fishie Wolves team! ….
Nigel went to bed early … full of selection boxes tinsel and turkey.  Darrell and I sat up late talking …… we had the most BRILLIANT day …. with more adventures to follow!


Mr. D said...

Nigel went to bed early...full of...tinsel?
Had he been eating it?
More things akimbo - that's what we like to see.
Off to Jordan (the country, not the "glamour" model) so hopefully I can keep up to date with you as we see Petra and the Dead Sea.

lynne said...

Glad you liked your pressie, It's from LYNNE and Archie - although I'll gladly be an honourary 'Auntie' if you want me to :o)
Re £9.50 hols I know people who have used them for hols at Nairn 'Lochloy' ( Fish wife statue on calender)or across the water at 'Grannies Heilan Hame' Embo.
Enjoy the rest of the festivities Archie and I are off to deconstruct the turkey ♥

Anj said...

I can recommend the Moray coast for holidays - its a beautiful part of the world - we LOVE Nairn, our best friends live there. Do take snow boots though if taking a winter £9.50 break!! x x

Anonymous said...

Lived on the Moray Coast for a couple of years back in the 1990's & all I can say to you boys is GO, it's beautiful, & as for the locals....
Oh, if you like plane spotting, you'll love it too (RAF jets)