Friday, 9 December 2011

So On Trend-tastic!

We decided to give Auntie Jan her Christmas present early yesterday in order that she should reap benefit from its full festive potential and bask in the many seasonal compliments that we know she will undoubtedly receive ….
Primark mens All in One Santa Suit
….. We had got  her a Santa onesie just like the ones we wear but in an auntie size …. Santasuit-tastic! She was naturally very thrilled, a little teary, and most tellingly, rendered speechless by such a thoughtful and carefully chosen gift of such an on trend type nature but asked, when she had gained her composure,  if we would mind if she only wore it in the privacy of her own home … she didn’t think she could carry it off with as much style and aplombe as we do ours in public …
Primark adult santa onesie
We had to agree that we do have a certain swagger that draws admiring glances when we are out and about town in ours, but could understand Auntie Jan’s reluctance to go “Au Pere Noel” in Morrison’s or Tesco’s  at the moment, so we agreed to her privacy Claus (for the time being!).


Mr. D said...

You need a Santa Claus(e) in your contract.

marc said...

O MR D you are a one beclause i know you are so on the ball lol Aunty jan should use her swager and wear it out and about town i bet peps will only smile and know that she is full of Christmas spirit and the joy of the season big love marc