Friday, 30 December 2011

Our Festive Adoption - Arfur

We are still continuing our work rescuing unloved and abandoned monkeys from e-bay, (but to be honest not as vigorously as we have done in the past),  but this is Arfur.
Arfur 1
We decided not to offer Arfur up for “official” adoption because we knew immediately that he would be ideal to go and live with Granny G and Uncle Stephen as he has been gymnastically trained …..
Picture 175
……. and would very much enjoy the rough and tumble life that living with Uncle Stephen would bring.
Arfur is also very fond of puppies and dogs, his book of choice being Spot the Dog and has seen Lassie Come Home hundreds of times (despite it being in black and white).  His hoodie and shoes reflect his interest, but he realises that a puppy of his own is just too much responsibility (especially at Christmas)
Little pup Puppy Shoes
We all posed together for photographs before Arfur left for his new life in Bilston ….
Festive Adoptions Arfur
…. but we shall see him every Thursday when we go over for tea with Auntie Jan.
Arfur's Adoption
So it is only really ciao for now and not time for tears and long goodbyes.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ooo I like his hoodie, I hav a bloo hoodie like that!

My Granny likes yor site an wud luv to be considerd as an adopter if eny ov yor monkeys wud like to com liv in Colchester.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE adorable Arfur; he is a real charmer! And, holey moley, gymnastics to boot! Best Wishes to all...Dianne

Mr. D said...

Arfur with an "f" is much better than the more common spelling. How anyone can not love a monkey is beyond me.
There is quite a number of you now. You should have a gigantic party.