Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Spookily Festive Postcard From The Lovely Laura ….

Hampton Court Ghost 5
We had a postcard from the Lovely Laura yesterday, it was festively spooky in a Charles Dickens type way!
Hampton Court Postcard
We all very much admired The Lovely Laura’s lovely handwriting, which in itself has a somewhat spooky feel to it too … all those enigmatic and romantic loops!
Hampton Court Ghost
It was all very interesting ….. the ghost of Catherine Howard has been witnessed rushing through the Great Hall, wringing her hands and shrieking despairingly before disappearing at the entrance  the haunted chamber ….. oooooooooo oooooooo, oooooo!
Hampton Court Ghost 3
We are now wondering if we could find a Sun £9.50 holiday near Hampton Court so that we can do an psychic investigation of our own…… that would be so brilliant! And, we could tell Derek Acorah when we were going just case he was passing and he wanted to aid and abet us! Now, that would be toooooo exciting for words!


Mr. D said...

You should be a graphologist the way you study the handwriting of LL.
Mrs. G and I went to Hampton Court but saw nothing scary at all.

Jen said...

Clint and Max say thank you profusely lads for the adorable card. They would like to send you a little festive note in reply so would be grateful if you could facilitate their reciprocation by furnishing the family primates with an address of a domicilary nature. You can reach them via their Mum at

Anj said...

Hi Lads!! Woo Hoo!! You have pride of place again in my inglenook and shall remain there for the 'Season of Choice' - loves n hugs Anj x x x PS just like Clint n Max I would love to reciprocate with a festive greeting but need an address (promise not to stalk you x x x)please ask mum to drop me an email at