Friday, 23 December 2011

Away In A Manger

Christmas Crib 1
After hearing that Nigel went to see the Nativity scene in Motorworld’s window every evening with Darrell,  Granny G sent Nigel a Christmas crib of his own and he was mahoooosively excited. We thought that the best place for him to set it up was on the table beside his bed, so that he could see it when he woke up in the morning and before he went to sleep.…
Matthew Rice Christmas Crib
…and that we would let him set it up exactly as he wanted ...
Matthew Rice Christmas Crib 3 It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Nigel concentrate and stay on task with something for so long ….
Matthew Rice Christmas Crib 1
…. and we both agree he did it very beautifully ….. humming (we think) “Away in a manger” as he did it.
Nigel's Christmas crib
His nativity figures of choice were the Magi and we smiled when we heard him wonder out aloud which one of them had brought Frankenstein for Baby Jesus and hoped it wouldn’t frighten him too much.
Christmas crib
We explained to him that you shouldn’t really put Baby Jesus in the crib until Christmas Day ….
Away in The Manger He was OK with that, and then decided to add a few bits and pieces of his own ready to welcome Baby Jesus……
Nativity with a twist
…….. namely, his knitted Christmas cactus’s ……
Picture 093
…. an unusual and novel choice, but as this was Nigel’s own special part of Christmas it was not for us to question his diversity!

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Mr. D said...

The cactus with a hat adds a delightful touch, although I'm not sure they are to scale.