Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year – It's 2012!

New Years 2011 Nigel
We decided that last night .... New Years Eve would be a bit too much for Nigel, so we left him at home with his little wooden mouse and a trusted babysitter ……
New Years 2011 012
…. while we excitedly donned our Scottish gay apparel
New Years 2011 011New Years 2011 009
…..  which was much admired by the ladies …
New Years 2011 007
…..although, despite all the admiring glances, we did still seem to have to partner each other quite a lot during the energetic reels and jigs …..!!
New Years 2011 Gay Gordons
However we had a most wonderful time with our sporrans madly flying akimbo (and occasionally getting tangled up with each other) and the fresh breeze caused by the rampant flinging of our kilts was erm ….. fresh and liberating?!!!
We also quaffed some fine champagne with a packet of Walkers crisps to quench our thirsts after much festive dancing.
New Years Eve 015
….. and then Darrell became a little emotional and wanted to gaze at the stars ……
New Years Eve 016
….. we sat for what seemed to be hours just musing about what 2012 would have in store for us ….. and decided to get a Sunday Supplement Magazine with Mystic Meg and our Stars in for the year, to give us a hint as to what to look out for.
We'll Take a cup of kindness
Then after a head clearing walk it was nice to come home and share our first “cup o' kindness for auld lang syne” of 2012 together as our feet (and heads) were killing us!
xxxx HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxx
xxxx HAPPY 2012 xxxx


marc said...

o my friends you have made my year your adventures and the way you always see the good in the bad the laughter in the sorrow and the joy of what life can bring makes every day a fun monkey day heres to you all having another fab year big love and show biz waves Marc and Hugh

marc said...
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KraftyKaren said...

Happy New Year to you all - looking forward to another year of following your adventures.

Karen x

Anonymous said...

My, you two do look handsome! With those kilts flying all around during those reels, hope you do have adequate "coverage". Happiest of New Years ever to one and all.....Best admiring Wishes from Dianne

Mr. D said...

Hopefully Nigel will be big enough to join you next year.
P.S. Have you had problems with people nicking your photos, hence the copyright? Boo hiss to those pinching your wonderful shots. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so maybe you should take it as a compliment.

lynda said...

Hello my little darlings! - Grandma Winnie here! Well don't you look like dashing Scotsmen? Fair braw ah tell yi' Help ma boab!! Happy New Year to ma Boys! Hamish sends his love and when he saw your New Year card I swear there was a big tear in his eye. I'm having your card put into a frame - Aunty Lynda is going to do it for me - can't bare to part with it. Did you get my email with the photo of me & Hamish? lots of love to you all - love you loads
Grandma Winnie xxx & Aunty Lynda xxx

Anj said...

So glad you enjoyed!! Your outfits are just the thing for Hogmanay celebrations - hugs and loves for 2012 x x

Di said...

Wonderful! How did I miss this yesterday boys? Marc has summed it up perfectly in his comment - Happy New Year and love from Hank, Marvin and Di xxx (we love your NY card - mwah!!)