Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Oooops Akimbo

Compressed for Blogs

Someone, who wishes to remain anonymous, was playing about with our blog template and made a mahooosive mess of it!  So things will be taking on a new look from today … because they can’t put it back to how they were! Anyway it looks a bit prettier at least!


Mr. D said...

I wonder who on earth that person was, Mrs. G.
A green blog - does that make you environmentally friendly?

Di said...

Oooer - welcome back, I got worried earlier. There are a load of unpublished snippets of your postings in my following preview thingy :) Snoop, snoop! Di xxx

Christine said...

Love the make over. How are you all coping with all the rain?

Anonymous said...

Blue skies, green grass....how could that ever be wrong???..Best Blue skies Wishes....Dianne