Friday, 6 January 2012

Babies On Loan….. ?

Babies to Rent 1 There are some very strange posters around work at the moment. I spotted the first one and then decided to follow the arrows to see where they led …..
Babies on Loan 2
…… from the foot of the stairs …….
Babies this way 3
…… and upwards …..
Babies this way 4
…… and onto the main upstairs corridor
andys nokia 658
……..and finally to room L8 (The Classics Room, which seemed a strange place to keep babies) where, I am afraid I lingered for a while before turning round and leaving. I’m not very good at saying “no”  and was afraid that if I entered I might have a baby foisted upon me when I was in a state of unpreparedness.
I was also apprehensive as to how Darrell and Nigel would react if I suddenly appeared on the doorstep of Chateau Castle Greyskull with a babe in arms.  I felt that I would need to sit down with them both and discuss the implications with them first, before presenting them with instant “fatherhood and responsibility” and with Christmas only just gone I thought that Nigel might get confused and think that Baby Jesus has come to stay with us for a bit!


Mr. D said...

Intruiging. Why not go in with a responsible person who can prevent any issues occuring?
Sensible Sandra springs to mind but I'm not so sure about Mrs.G.

marc said...

O NO YOU DONT WANT OR NEED ANY OF THOSE babies they break real easy and you cant take the batteries out of them when they cry, and if you hug them to hard or drag them up the stairs by their legs bouncing their head of each step they break and you end up in prison eating bread and water also they smell of sour milk and poo your better of with out such things and stick to the care free life of a man about town any way you have Nigel to look after big love marc