Tuesday, 17 January 2012

OMG Darrell’s Won A BMW ……… !!!!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Darrell took a phone call yesterday afternoon of such mahoosive import that we are still a little shell shocked! It seems that when he went over to Jade House for our once a month, Saturday takeaway in November (for a No. 23, No. 56, No. 37, a portion of chips and an egg fried rice to share)  he was also coerced into buying a £1 charity raffle ticket  of which he had long since forgotten. Anyway it transpires that Darrell has only won the first prize …… which happens to be the use of any BMW of our choice for a whole weekend …… how brilliant is that? Darrell was almost apoplectic!
Gran Turismo
Since neither Darrell and I drive due to our inability to reach either the steering wheel or pedals of a car we have left it to Andy to sort out the minutia of Darrell’s prize as he, being mechanical of mind, knows all  about cars of a luxury and tres expensive type nature.
It was Andy who also suggested that we should synchronise the timing of our “win” with one of our Sun £9.50 holidays, so that we could travel in style as well as create a good impression at our holiday park, but first we had to decide upon which model to ask for.  Darrell put forward a very robust and measured argument for a BMW M1 Homage ………..
But, having accompanied us many times on our little Sun £9.50 seaside junkets Andy thought it best to opt for one of the larger BMW models in order to accommodate all our usual holiday paraphernalia such as our buckets and spades, wind breaks, surf boards, wetsuits etc. ……….. so eventually we plumped for a Gran Turismo!
We can just  picture ourselves sitting on the back seat now, sunglasses and cigars akimbo ……pressing all the buttons and making the windows go up and down!
But we have already been told that the drinking of Vimto or Ribena is absolutely “verboten” should our car have a white leather interior.
So ………. we are more excited than if it were Christmas Eve and all we can say is …………… “Look out Dawlish Warren here we come!”


Mr. D said...

Wow! Excellent! What a great treat! I have never been in a car so posh. I would have been tempted by a sporty number but your choice is much more sensible.
Andy, careful you don't get carried away and be too heavy with the accelerator pedal and get a speeding ticket. I hope you won't make Andy dress in his best suit and wear a cap like a chauffeur.
Dawlish Warren sounds like the name of a person, similar to Shifnal Phil.

Anonymous said...

Hey boys wait til Tallulah gets whiff of the prize - she'll be snuggling up close - mesmerized by the size of your big engine - watch out!

Totty Teabag said...

Off to Dawlish in a Beamer? There's posh then...no Ribena is a bit of a bummer, though.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Well done Darrell! Relax and enjoy every well deserved moment. But take notes for future reference when you are in the market for a posh high end ride. Us ordinary folk in Hondas will be thinking of you flying along the highway and looking so wonderful and continental in your Beemer! So very exciting.........Best excited wishes....Dianne

marc said...

your on that show biz path boys good on you drive every were you can in it be seen big show biz wave Hugh