Thursday, 26 January 2012

Still No Sign Of Brian …

Nigel is still in a terrible state ….. Brian is still AWOL.
A distraught Nigel
Darrell has suggested that we hypnotise Nigel and regress him, but I am frightened that we could regress him too far …….
…… and find out that Nigel is the reincarnation of a poor serf from the 16th century, who was hung and then sent to Australia for stealing a pig to feed his starving family …. or some such tale of a tragic type nature, which could then unleashed all manner of dire psychological consequences for Nigel and us!
Where is Derek Acorah when we need him? If only we could give him a piece of the blanket that Nigel wrapped Brian up in, he would surely be able follow Brian’s physic scent and track him down …… or have I got my ley lines crossed and confused Derek’s mystical and spooky powers with that of a bloodhound?


Mr. D said...

Poor Nigel - I hope Brian turns up soon.

Di said...

Oh dear. A few years back our neighbour's hamster escaped when we were looking after her and we pulled all the kick boards off under the kitchen units and even carefully sliced the underneath of the sofas open to check in there. Hope it doesn't come to that - Milly never did reappear so we reckon she hopped it through the fireplace, scampered over the artificial coals and wriggled out through the vent. Brian might have just gone back to his family as suggested? Di xx

marc said...

i watch/do a lot of TV and they say after the first 24hrs things get harder to solve we need your boy Tom with his forensic bag to come and look over the area he was lasts seen in ,may be his trained eye and scientific powers of calculations and super brain will help find the alleged lost mouse big sherlock Holm's love Hugh

Anonymous said...

Oh my, poor Nigel, thought Brian would be back from his adventure by now; any chance one can be regressed just for a period of one or two days? Is it even possible that Brian is a Brian-ette and holed up in a cozy corner having little Brians and Brian-ettes??.....just a crazy thought. Hoping for a soon-to-be Nigel-Brian reunion.....Dianne