Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Darrell’s Man Boobs

Good grief, living in this house is never easy ….
Man boobs
Darrell is convinced he has got “man boobs” and has been spending far too much time in the bathroom looking at them.
Man Boobs 1 He’s even thrust them at  asked my opinion on them and whether I think he has them. To be honest I am not that comfortable at looking at his or anyone else's chesticle area for that matter, but when I did take a squirmish sideways peek I told him that he was being silly and that his chest was perfectly normal, quite manly in fact, and suggested that a small medallion might set it off nicely! 
Simon Cowell Trousers
I think my firm, no nonsense response has put paid with Darrell’s bodily insecurities and he has stopped pulling his trousers up in a Simon Cowell type way in an effort to hid his erm …imaginary bosom!


Anonymous said...

Aahhhh, life's insecurities can wreak havoc on one's self image. But, I am certain a best pal like Monkey would never steer one wrong....Best be confident Wishes....Dianne

Mr. D said...

Man boobs, also known as moobs.
A holey stone as a medallion is a novel approach.

Anonymous said...

Darrel certainly strikes a pose. He'll be hired for the Paris catwalks soon of that there is no doubt. He needs to be starting to get his portfolio together. I'm sure marc could recommend a London model agency.
JantheFan x

marc said...

Darrel you don't have man boobs they are chest muscles monkeys dont get man boobs due to their 5 a day diet and uperboady strength so think 1950s Tarzan and your half way there big show biz wave Hugh