Monday, 16 January 2012

My First Horlicks At The Whitburn Coffee House–Bridgnorth

I have a new malty and milky hot beverage of choice ….
….. it’s the most wonderful drink I have ever taste-en, and just do not know how where it has been all my life!
023I only discovered it when I popped into The Whitburn Coffee House in Bridgnorth on Saturday while on a little shopping excursion …. I was about to ask for a latte (my usual shopping beverage of choice) but then I spotted Horlicks on the menu and curiosity got the better of me….horlicks1
I am now a slave to its malty delights!


Anonymous said...

Monkey - everytime i go into my city centre I try to go to my favourite cafe where they sell - yes Horlicks! Non of this cuppa whatsits for me! Mugga Horlicks is my beverage of choice!

Mr. D said...

Horlicks has been around for ages. Taken with a malted milk biscuit or a tot of a single malt?
Malty goodness akimbo?
Do you have a sponsorship deal with both Horlicks and the soon to be renamed Whitburn Horlicks House?

marc said...

i to love it and you can get chocolate Horlicks to big love marc

Totty Teabag said...

Now you have a taste for malt, you could play with the big boys and try Ovaltine...

Anonymous said...

Most people of my generation drank Ovaltine growing up; but Nestlequick became very popular in the 50's and 60's. Horlichs is more difficult to find in the US but many of us are familiar with it. I've heard of people liking it for a bedtime drink. Always loved malted milk shakes at the soda fountain. Best delicious malted milk Wishes....Dianne

Totty Teabag said...

I'm showing my age now...LOL

Theme from the Radio Luxembourg show "The Ovaltineys" (1935-1950)
(Harry Hemsley)

We are the Ovaltineys, little girls and boys
Make your requests, we'll not refuse you
We are here just to amuse you
Would you like a song or story?
Will you share our joys?
At games and sports we're more than keen
No merrier children could be seen
Because we all drink Ovaltine
We're happy girls and boys.