Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Pre-Match Rituals

Wolves Gnome_thumb[9]Andy got a new Wolves garden gnome and door mat amongst all his festive joy and plunder….
Wolves 006_thumb[6]Which now means that apart from wearing our lucky pants and socks for every match …. We now pay Andy’s gnome’s head three times with our left hand …….
Wolves-Door-Mat_thumb…….and rub our feet on the mat three times before we leave for a match ….. for luck! What are we like?


Mr. D said...

Let's hope it works - the lucky pants haven't been of much help lately.

Darrell said...

Shhhhh Mr D!

Anonymous said...

Can't hurt; but perhaps your devotion to and belief in your Wolves is the real power they need! Good Luck for a solid win win victory.....Dianne