Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Design & Technology Trip To London – Part One – The Design Museum.

andysnokia513_thumb2There was a spare seat on the D & T (Design and Technology) trip to London to visit the Design Museum and the Borough Markets and the teacher in charge asked if I would like to accompany them. As it was on a day when Darrell was on rush photocopying duty I was able to say yes! Woooo hoooooo
andysnokia466_thumb6Our coach was bijou with seating for 33 and very comfortable but the journey to London seemed endless, despite my great excitement, and I was glad that I had bought ample sustenance to boost my flagging energy levels…..
andysnokia508_thumb3…… which included a comprehensive fruit salad which provide me with most of my 5 a day needs and some Lucozade Lite Cherry from the nice people at Lucozade Towers, to keep me hydrated and refreshed.
andysnokia538_thumb3We finally arrived at the Design Museum over an hour late ..
andysnokia518_thumb4…. but it was well worth it, I collected lots of leaflets, just in case I had to do a project about my day when I got back to school and some free badges for Darrell and Nigel.
andysnokia529_thumb3I filled out the visitor questionnaire ….
andysnokia530_thumb2…… and soaked up as much of the creative atmosphere as I could.
andysnokia523_thumb3The view on the top floor was stunning, I looked at the “Gherkin” and thought of The Apprentice for some strange reason……
andysnokia527_thumb2…… and our friend Hugh who now lives in Notting Hill and lives the showbiz life …. I wasn’t sure where Notting Hill was in relation to the Museum, but I guessed it was on the other side of the Thames and sent Hugh a huge Wolverhampton wave in what I hoped was the right direction.andysnokia535_thumb4It would have been nice to have been able to pop in for a cup of showbiz tea and gossip, but this really was a whistle stop trip!
andysnokia540_thumb3Before we left the museum, I couldn’t help but gaze up at the luxury apartments next door and wondered if anyone famous lived there. I also thought how romantic it would be to have a posh restaurant underneath where you lived. I wondered if they would send a tray up if ever you didn’t fancy cooking tea!


Mr. D said...

Shame you couldn't have met Hugh and Marc and exchanged huge Wolverhampton and showbiz waves.
The museum looks like a great place to visit.

Anj said...

A tray from a posh restaurant is VERY showbiz!! x

Anonymous said...

Lucky you; a day in London town and an interesting and fun museum. Those glass balconies present a glamorous facade but I would feel as though I was on display in a department store window!..Best Wishes....Dianne

marc said...

They do send up a tray if you want one and drinks to in a ice bucket and several showbiz peps live there the oxo tower has a nice resturant we felt your love and wave that day we are only 2 miles from the london eye so with our spy glass we could have seen you big show biz wave Hugh

Di said...

Aw, so near yet so far - we feel quite sad now :( Hank and Marvin xx