Friday, 20 January 2012

Eye Spy With My Little Eye ……A Mahoooosive Costa Coffee Cup!!

Giant Costa Coffee Cup
On the forecourt of our local garage there is a mahooosive Costa Coffee cup and whenever I pass it I can’t help wondering how long it would take to drink a cup of coffee of that size! I don’t think I could manage it on my own, but perhaps with Darrell’s and Nigel’s help we could drain it in a week or so!!
I suppose it is the coffee drinkers equivalent to a fish bowl cocktail!


Mr. D said...

Drain it in a week and not sleep for a week with all that caffeine.
I had never heard of s fish bowl cocktail. Looking at the straws, are they meant to be shared by three people?

Darrell said...

Mr D .... with all your world travels .... can't believe you have not sample the delights of a fish bowl cocktail ..... they too are mahooooosive and NEED to be shared ....!!

marc said...

not if your a show biz type then its only for one ask any tablod paper lol big show biz i will have a small sherry lol Hugh