Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Long Felt Want …..

blog 026I’ve had a long felt want for a leather flying jacket and have been saving for one for ages.  With the sales now in full swing I finally counted up my money and visited my Gentleman’s Outfitters of choice to see if they had one, in my size and hopefully at a greatly reduced price!
blog 024My heart skipped a beat when the Gentleman Outfitter said “Indeed yes, we have just the very garment for Sir” and “No” the measuring of my inside leg was not necessary and “Yes” cash would be very acceptable, even if it was in 5p’s.  I was chuffed beyond chuffed!
blog 029And when I got home Darrell was equally as chuffed and impressed by my new aviator look especially as I then gifted him my old biker jacket that I have outgrown and which he has coverted mahooooosively since I bought it.Leather jacketsWe are so on trend ….. Gok Wan himself could not fail to be impressed by our sartorial and individual elegance!


Jen said...

You sex gods you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Careful boys - Jen is after you!

Mr. D said...

Looking good.
Monkey "fur" ("wool?") should keep you pretty warm anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lovely when heartfelt desires come true. You two look especially handsome in those jackets, but remember the effect it will have on the ladies, most particularly Tallulah!... Admiring Best wishes from Dianne