Saturday, 28 January 2012

Brian Is Found!

Mouse in biscuit tin
At six o’clock yesterday Chateau Castle Greyskull was thronged with great joy and glad tidings as Brian was found. Darrell was Hero of the Hour after discovering Brian behind the biscuit boxes!
mouse in kitchen cupboard
We think that Nigel had nocturnal stirrings of a midnight snack type nature and had got up in the middle of the night ………
Midnight snack……taking Brian with him, in order to find sustenance and then in his urgency to get back to bed quickly without being discovered he had forgotten Brian whilst preoccupied and encumbered by a hob nob!
crumbs in bed
We should have put two and two together, because when we robustly turned over Nigel’s bed in our search for Brian, as we did find a rather ample expanse of crumbs between the sheets, but there again hindsight is a wonderful thing ….!
ShreddiesHowever, all is well again, peace reigns  once more chez nous and Nigel’s appetite has now returned akimbo…… but we are now looking into ways of putting a lead on Brian to prevent another such traumatic occurrence happening again.
Little wooden mouse


Anonymous said...


Di said...

Brilliant! I'll sleep well tonight, no more fretting over where Brian could be - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.:)) Di xxx

Mr. D said...

At last!
I knew he would turn up in the end.
Nigel now has a bigger smile on his face.

Paddington fan said...

Oh thank heavens!! George and I were worried poor Nigel would fade away while Brian was AWOL!! Did Brian help himself to a hob nob?? Love Jacky & George xx

marc said...

Nigel you need to take extra care of him may be you need to get a little cage for him or one of those ball things that he can run around in or may be a little bag you can carry him in like the ones they have for dogs happy that he is back and not gone to the farm big love marc

Anonymous said...

Hooray and happy days are here again!! Bless his heart....Nigel certainly endured enough; little Brian was probably feeling pretty lonely, too. Best Happiest of Wishes....Dianne