Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Googling Yourself

When Darrell gets bored it often goes very quiet and I fear for the worst!
Googling Yourself 005
And yesterday it went very quiet indeed except for the tapping of a distant keyboard.  So I went to investigate and found Darrell in the office very much rapt in what he was doing.
Googling Yourself 001
“I’m Goggling us” he said “We’re blooming everywhere ……Google is a veritable smorgasbord of pictures of us, look!”
Cadbury World
“….. Google ‘Cadbury World’ and there’s a picture of you on page 2 sharing out your booty from your last visit”
“Google ‘Mahooosive’ and I appear on page 12, but I had to avert my eyes from some pages as there were some mahooosive objects a young monkey shouldn’t see”
Googling Yourself 002
By now Darrell was in full flow….
Mr Kipling Rhubard and custard
And as for Mr Kipling's Rhubarb and Custard pies ……. we’re the No.1 picture and Nigel is No 3, how brilliant is that? But strangely we don’t get feature under ‘nom, nom, nom’!”
Googling Yourself 006
“It’s as if we almost famous” he said excitedly “Perhaps, if we keep this up we’ll become real celebrities and be asked to take part in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (our celebrity out of their comfort zone programme of choice),  Come Dine With Me or Coach Trip” he mused …… Good grief, what is he like?


Anonymous said...

I was wishing you had a set on Flickr, so I might just try this! Have fun and My Best Wishes......Dianne

ps I think one has to be careful with fame and celebrity; loss of privacy and such.

Mr. D said...

Wow - fame at last.
There shouldn't be any photos on with your copyright symbol. Isn't that a shame?