Sunday, 29 January 2012

Darrell Does Cake!

White Chocolate and raspberry sponge cake
Sancha the Food Department Lady is very partial to Darrell’s company and had baked him  a sponge cake made with fresh raspberries, white chocolate butter cream and sparkly bits sprinkled on the top.
Another slice of cake
Now …… we think that Darrell was perhaps meant to bring the cake home to share …. “But one slice sort of lead to another” he declared “And, it was very moreish, so before I knew it …. eleven slices had disappeared, just like that,  without even touching the sides ……”
A Slice of Cake
“And to leave just one slice would have looked rude!”
Sponge Cake (2)
What is he like?”


Mr. D said...

Is Sancha going by the maxim - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?
Is it a case of cupboard love?

marc said...

Mr D are you suggesting there is more to this giving of cake it could end in tears with ms t who's name we dare not say out loud could get jealous and cause all sorts of trouble and then poor Darrell really would end up with cake on his face big hello type gossip Marc

Lou said...

Oh i don't blame Darrell, i don't know if i would have been able to share a cake that looks as fabulous as that, yum yum yum

Anonymous said...

We all get carried away amd give in to temptation every once in a while. I am certain Darrell's heart was in the right place even if his tummy was bulging with said scrumptous cake. Monkey and Nigel being understanding friends, will certainly know he got carried away in the moment and couldn't help himself!.... Dianne

Mr. D said...

Marc, we are told that "Sancha the Food Department Lady is very partial to Darrell’s company" and she baked him a special cake which he polished off.
I just have a suspicion of romance but I don't know if Sancha is a Miss, a Mrs. or a Ms.