Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Distraught Nigel ….

Distraught Monkey
The past twenty four hours at Chez Chateau Castle Greyskull have been traumatic to say the least ………, Nigel’s mouse “Brian”, the one that Father Christmas left him at Christmas has gone missing. Nigel has hardly ever let Brian out of his sight since, but somehow he has been mislaid (or escaped?) and just cannot be found.
Brian the Mouse
Needless to say Nigel is beside himself, pining away and totally inconsolable, fretting that he’ll never see Brian again.
We have turned his bedroom upside down, several times, as well as most of the rest of the house.
We have asked him all the usual questions like “When did you last have Brian?”, “Where did you last see him?”, “Have you taken him anywhere out of the usual?” but all he does is sob and say, we think, “I don’t know”
Cuddling Monkeys
We can’t bear to see Nigel so distressed ….. his meals have gone untouched since he realised that Brian was gone ….. what on earth can we do ……….?


Mr. D said...

Oh dear. Brian can't have gone far. He will turn up.
Don't contact the police just yet. I don't think missing persons will get involved.
What about putting bits of cheese out for Brian? It may be an over enthusiastic game of hide and seek.

Di said...

Too busy here sobbing in sympathy to offer much help right now :( Mr D has offered some good advice - he's obviously much less emotionally inclined than I am - a good chap to have around in a crisis.

Excuse me, I need to go and get another tissue :(


Anonymous said...

Maybe bring the neighbourhood cat in - he'll sniff him out. JantheFan x

marc said...

look for signs of sawdust droppings i am sure thats what wooden mice would leave behind thats how you know you have mice you normally see their droppings first may be get in a psychic Mr D is right don't call the police and dint let the cat in Jan the fan is right he will sniff him out but he just might eat him in the mean time its a good time to teach Nigel about heaven thats what you do when you lose your first pet or lie and say you got a letter and he is living in the country on a farm with his family and is very happy but need to be with his family as they called and asked if he could come straight away he did leave a note but it must have blown away but i have faith he will turn up in the next day or two with a girlfriend mice are like rabbits at this time of year its spring there might be the sound of lots of little feet under the floor boards soon big love Marc

marc said...

i saw a mouse were there on the stairs right there a little mouse with clogs on going clip clippty clop on those stairs hope you find him soon big showbiz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

Much sympathy to dear Nigel. So distressing and unsettling when a Lovey Friend goes missing. Don't give up hope; Brian couldn't have gone far. Hopefully he will soon be back with Nigel. Much comfort and sympathy to all......Dianne