Saturday, 14 January 2012


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You may have noticed, as Mr D has,  that we have a regular visitor from the USA called Dianne, who often leaves a lovely comment.  Well, the other morning Darrell and I both woke up with a spooky Derek Acorah feeling, and just as I was about to say it, Darrell announced that he thought we should e-mail Dianne, as he thought she would be a perfect adoptee of one of our abandoned and unloved monkeys rescued from e-bay, who was hankering for a chance to go across the pond.
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So we bit the bullet and e-mailed Dianne and it appears both our spooky feelings were spot on and that Dianne, after seeing the picture we sent was totally overwhelmed with love and immediately agreed to adopt our abandoned and unloved monkey, who she decided to called Christopher!.
Florida Oranges
Needless to say it was passports and visas akimbo when we told Christopher the news.  It was all the more exciting for Christopher to find out that Dianne lives in Florida, so he will never want for a freshly squeezed orange again … which, we further informed him, cannot be compared to the tiddly oranges currently to be found in our fruit bowl.
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We told Dianne that is Christopher is totally addicted to Pawn Stars, it is his very favourite programme of choice and that if she was ever in the vicinity of Las Vegas, she could give places like Caesar's Palace a wide berth  BUT it was Christopher’s  dream to spend just five minutes in the shop to meet Rick, Chumlee, Big Hos and Dad and if possible sell something of a valuable type nature, perhaps one of Darrell’s holey stones to Rick!
Pawn Stars Series One DVD
But, if that wasn’t possible Christopher would be very happy to watch Pawn Stars or American Pickers on the sofa in his new home, while enjoying the odd Krispy Kreme (our doughnut of choice) or a Hershey Bar or Tootsie Roll.
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We told Christopher that he ought to make the most of his last mug of PG Tips,  as we are not too sure about the tea situation in the USA and that he would probably have to take up coffee on rye or something romantic like that.
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We all took five minutes to be alone with our individual thoughts. Christopher is going on a momentous adventure, and will be the first Mum’s Monkey to go to a new life in a new far away land par avion….. but we know he will keep in touch and we are taking bets on how long it takes him to get an American accent!


Mr. D said...

Christopher - have a wonderful time in the USA. I'm sure Diane will look after you admirably.
Will you fly economy class or are you going business or first? I always fly cattle class.

Di said...

Aw, how wonderful - hope you have a wonderful new life in the USA Christopher.

Please don't forget your roots though - or your toothbrush, change of underwear and passport. Love and hugs, Hank and Marvin xxx

Anj said...

I think you will need tissues akimbo at the airport...! x x

marc said...

a good name after Mr Columbus who first went to the new world on the titanic ( i think or it could Have been on concord ) i was never good at history any way give my regards to Broadway if you ever go there and have a fab time in the sunshine state. have you got a green card big showbiz wave good bye till i make it big in the good old USA Hugh and Marc says big love and i am sure your new mum will love you to bits

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I am all atwitter here in the US. My darling Christopher has a whole post AND pictures! But, not to worry, we will keep our heads in place and not let them get too mahoooosive. You just know I, or anyone I can find heading in the direction of Las Vegas, will be bringing Gold and Silver Pawn Shop goodies for everyone. Now if Chumlee only made housecalls, he might fancy a trip to Britain! I will be enjoying these pictures over and over. This is one of the loveliest happenings in my whole life. You made my day, week, month, year and more! MY Very Best Wishes to all.....Dianne
PS Is there anything as fun and endearing as that group???