Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nigel’s Bedtime Listening of Choice

Decopatch Jugs 007 Look what we found for Nigel!  It’s a CD of the stories that Nigel now won’t go to bed without listening to as his night night story and won’t be parted from at any cost.Decopatch Jugs 008
Who’d have thought that our favourite word of choice to describe the mayhem that occasionally ensues chez nous at Chateau Castle Greyskull actually has a proper meaning, and is the name of a character in a famous story!  How BRILLIANT is that?


Mr. D said...

The proper meaning being - with hands on hips and elbows extending outward.
E.g. After being proposed to on bended knee, Mrs. G stood there akimbo.

Mum (Mrs G) said...

Ahhhh Mr D ..... those we the days ...... I remember the day you proposed to me as if it was yesterday ..... a hula hoop crisp was such a romantic and spontaneous gesture ......and Mr Cuddly Bunny was there are our witness!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...What a great book! Hope you have lots of sweet night night dreams, Nigel....Best sleep tight Wishes....Dianne

Mr. D said...

I thought I borrowed a proper ring from the other adult in the room - can't remember her name.
My magic duster has travelled with me to Mexico and Abu dhabi.