Friday, 13 January 2012

Darrell, A Gentlemen What Lunches With Ladies!

Bear Grill Stafford 1
I have to admit that Darrell does have a certain charm where ladies the are concerned, so when Julia, T, Helen and Sarah asked him to join them for a Saturday Girlie Shopping Trip and Luncheon in Stafford last week, who was he to refuse them his company and savior faire!
Codsall Station
However he was a little nervous as the Bangha Bus doesn’t go as far as Stafford, which meant that he had to catch two trains to get there, something he has never done on his own before!
Waiting at Codsall Station
The time to change trains was tight, so Darrell was a little anxious waiting for his first train to arrive,  but as the first leg of his journey from our village into town only takes about five minutes he had no real need to worry.014
Darrell’s anxiety levels did not abate however because the conductor failed to come round for Darrell to buy his ticket ….and he was petrified that he would be fined hundreds of pounds for fare dodging with everyone looking on when he tried to get through the barrier at Wolverhampton ….
Wolverhampton railway Station 1
The gods must have been smiling on Darrell though because there was no one checking for tickets when he arrived and he was quickly able to finally purchase a ticket for the rest of his journey minutes before the Stafford train arrived……
Stafford train
…… which he clung on to for dear life and presented to anyone who he thought looked of an important inspectorial type nature!
Bear Grill Stafford
The ladies were already seated when Darrell arrived at The Bear Grill, their restaurant of choice and had already ordered him a lemonade with ice and a slice anticipating that he might be a touch overwrought after his first train journey with changes.
Bear Grill Stafford
However, all was  soon forgotten as Darrell was proffered a very large menu to peruse.
….. and after much deliberation and erring and umming, he eventually plumped for bacon and black pudding salad with a balsamic glaze and mixed leaves, followed by  Chicken Caesar salad – chargrilled chicken breast topped with grilled crispy bacon, anchovies, parmesan and croutons …… a lot of salad type stuff, but after the excesses of Christmas Darrell has been keen to get back to our 5 a day regime! So robust was his resolve that he turned down the invitation to 2 Knickerbocker Glories and 4 spoons, and that must have been very hard for him!
Stafford railway Station
Darrell said that time had just flown in such pleasant and entertaining company but was a little taken aback upon leaving the restaurant  to find that it was dark … and NO shopping had been done!!!  Oh well, they’ll just have to do it all again ….. the next Saturday!


Mr. D said...

The "bacon and black pudding salad with a balsamic glaze and mixed leaves" sounds like very posh nosh.
Coincidentally, I taught the grandsons of the inventor of the Caesar Salad when in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Bless his heart, Darrell is "branching out". With those dimples, smile, and endearing charm, he is bound to receive many such invitations in the future! Sorry, but definitely no blood pudding in any size, shape, or form for this Yank....Best weekend Wishes....Dianne

marc said...

Darrell you are so now it seems to be the in thing i know of lots of young good looking young male actors who are inbeetween jobs with time on their hands who all seem to be of a Mediterranean back ground as lots of them are called gigolo , who seem to spend all that spare time going out to lunch with ladies who lunch( i think it was a good move not to go for the desert as i have often over heard them say that they were the desert i am not sure what they mean by that )the ladies all seem to be of the same age and come from the same country to, i have tried to find out were cougars come from but so far i have only come up with a large cat , any way they always seem to get time to go shopping as they come back with lots of expensive watches clothes even cars and they even manage to get to the cash point ,they have suggested that if ever i get a quite period in my acting schedule i to could pass my time having Lunch with ladies who lunch to and i should get lots of invites now you have done it i think i might give it a try Big showbiz wave Hugh

Mr. D said...

Careful Hugh!
It is a slippery slope!