Monday, 9 January 2012

Darrell Uses A Kodak Picture Kiosk

Just before Christmas the Lovely Lara, with the very exotic surname, at Kodak Headquarters sent Darrell a gift card inviting him to try using one of the Kodak Picture Kiosks at Boots as a small “Thank You” for all his hard work demonstrating a couple of Kodak’s free apps during the year.
Kodak Digital prints at Boots
And once Christmas and New Year were over Darrell was desperate to go into town to use it.  After some frank and robust discussion, we all decided that we should pose/stage two pictures that we could put on birthday and other cards to send to some of our blogger friends during the year, so that everyone could share in Darrell’s good fortune.
Publication1At first, stood standing in Boots, in front of his kiosk of choice, Darrell lost a  little of his bravado, though a bit of a computer whizz kid, he was worried that he might mess up and “waste” this wonderful opportunity and “spoil” the pictures,  but once he had had a little play, he declared it to be “easy peasy lemon squeezy”!Kodak
He decided, as this was his first try  to just go for straight photos,nothing fancy,  but he could have added all sorts of fancy borders on them for all manner of occasion, or made a collage or even a calendar.
Kodak 1
Waiting for the pictures to appear seemed endless, full of trepidation mixed with anticipation, even though it was only took a couple of minutes.
Kodak at Boots 1
But the wait was certainly worth it …..
Kodak 3
We now have nine copies of each picture, and Darrell was chuffed as nuts that he had learnt to do something new.  When we have a free afternoon  we are going to set about designing and making our cards, and the first one we will send will be to Lara.


Mr. D said...

"Chuffed as nuts?"
Is this Black Country parlance? I like "It aye the wust."

Anonymous said...

Darrell seems to be master of all technology he surveys; congratulations on a job well done! Best Admiring Wishes from Dianne