Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Day The Bottom Fell Out Of Our World!

sandra 003
Yesterday Sandra asked both Darrell and I to come to the office together, for she said, she had news of an important nature to impart to us, and that it would be best if we heard it at the same time!
sandra 002
Our hearts were full of angst and we both felt that all did not augur well. After sitting us down, Sandra informed us that for her part the news was very exciting, however she realised that for us, she was about to deliver a devastating blow…….
sandra 006
It transpired that Sandra had put in for promotion, had been successful and would now be moving into Tallulah’s office, inputting information of an extremely complicated computer type nature into the school’s database.
sandra 014
Though happy with Sandra’s success Darrell sobbed inconsolably for several minutes……..
sandra 011
………. clutching several man-size tissues and blowing his nose profusely.
sandra 009
I tried to stay stoical, but inside my heart was breaking too, but I knew I had to be strong for Darrell.
sandra 007
Sandra was moved by our outpouring of genuine emotion and became a little tearful herself…….
sandra 008
….. but said that it wasn’t as if she would be a million miles away, she would only be down the corridor and we would still see her every day, just in a different capacity.
sandra 005
She added that at the moment she couldn’t tell us who our new boss would be, but she would make sure they knew our little foibles and what diligent and responsible workers we were.
sandra 018
When we were a little more composed and Sandra got the office biscuit tin out,  Darrell and I resolved that we would give Sandra an exceptionally robust send-off ….. involving bunting,  a handmade card and celebratory dainties of an especially delicious type nature!


Mr. D said...

Congratulations Sandra!
If you want to visit Sandra, you will also have to see Tallulah. I suspect this will have an influence on the number and timing of the trips.
I remember telling a certain Mrs. G of my impending move to Mexico.

Mrs G said...

Stop it Mr D ..... two sobbing monkeys in one day is enough pathos for one day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, A few (or a bucket full of) tears are certainly in order. Change can leave you feeling very anxious.....but being the caring and brave monkeys you are, I know you can find a way to look on the bright side of life.....Best hopeful Wishes..Dianne