Sunday, 15 January 2012

Purchasing A Few Comestibles!!

Darrell, Nigel and I are very partial to the delights of liquorice and so when I was in Bridgnorth yesterday it would have been very remiss of me NOT to purchase a little of the said delicacy as a special treat for us all.
Sometimes I think the stall has a little too much choice ….. but after a robust selection process, I think I purchased just the right combination of sweeties of a liquorice type nature to provide an adequate nibble satisfaction experience for when we watched Celebrity Big Brother (our current reality programme of choice) later in the evening.
When I got home I showed Darrell and Nigel the veritable smorgasbord of liquorice I had chosen for their delectation ….
…… suffice to say there was much nom nomming …. and my choice did indeed pass muster!
….. and Darrell made it his job to make absolutely sure there weren’t any sweeties left in the bottom of any bag that could have been accidently thrown away ….  what is he like?
The Licorquice Stall Wolverhampton


Mr. D said...

Mmm. Liquorice was always one of my favourites - the black kind. I liked loquorice pennies and the hard stuff you could get from the chemist's.
Mind you, I suspect they sold it for other purposes, into which we will not delve.
I never saw it in Mexico and need to look a bit harder in the UAE.
P.S. Did you receive ant recompense for the advert?

Anonymous said...

Who knew there were so many kinds of licorice? You three are confectionary/sweets experts of an amazing range! Here we are pretty well stuck with plain black licorice and Twizzlers in several flavors, and of course Allsorts. We are truly behind in the licorice department. Best noming Wishes...Dianne

marc said...

i think i need some of that will be looking at that sight big love marc