Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Nobby’s Nuts

Sun £9.50 Holiday
Yesterday Darrell came in from the paper shop clutching a copy of The Sun (bought for the holiday tokens) and a stupid smirk on his face. “I’ve had the most brilliant idea for a Savoury Snack of Choice Review” he giggled, and proceeded to unwrap two packs of Nobby’s Nuts that he had secreted in his paper!
Nobby's Nuts
To be honest I was rendered slightly speechless …. but not wishing to curb Darrell’s natural enthusiasm I went along with his intellectual thought.
Nobby's Nuts 5
The table was duly cleared and Darrell got his nuts out, displaying them in a very artistic fashion on an appropriate tit bit dish.
Nobby's Nuts 2
We then proceeded to nibble on the said nuts ….. however, though we tried to be judicious in our sampling and critique ….
Nobby's Nuts 4
…… everything had a double entendre and sounded very rude, so no matter how innocent our remarks …. each pertinent points was worthy of a Carry On Film ……Nobby's Nuts 3
….. and poor Darrell laughed so hard that he developed very sore ribs, and at times gasped for breath, while we both had tears running down our faces …..
Nobby's Nuts 1
So in an effort to inject a little brevity to the proceeding, and try to rescue something from this “non review”, I suggest that if we have aroused your curiosity, you could try to find some Nobby’s Nuts of your own  to sample.  AND tell you that there are some very interesting information about what some people do with their nuts on the back of the packets .. like the fact that Tom Miller pushed one of his nuts to the top of Pikes Peak with his nose! But I am NOT telling Darrell that …. because mayhem would certainly ensue!


Mr. D said...

Nobby's nuts.
I wonder if there is a snack called Billy's balls - a chocolate football type of thing springs to mind.
Mike's meat?
Simon's pork sausage?
Cherry's cheeks?
Oh dear.

Mr. D said...

Chad's cheese?

Di said...

Perleeeease - gasping for breath here after a HUGE attack of the giggles and tears in my eyes! Thanks for brightening a rainy and grey morning! Snort, snort! Di xx

Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about (Mr?)Nobby's Nuts, but we are fans of the Carry On movies. We saw the first one around 1959 when my husband was a University student and still watch them when Turner Classic Movies shows them...Not easy to maintain your composure when reviewing some of these ..umm..unique products...Best Wishes.... Dianne

marc said...

o ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhh misses as they would say made me smile and mr D your far to funny big love marc

Mr. D said...

Marc, thank you for your kind words.