Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Guess What We Are Doing?

It’s only 4th January and already the holiday tokens are in the paper.  How exciting is that?
….. So Darrell is getting up extra early and nipping across to Tesco Express to make sure that we don’t miss our copy of The Daily Mirror, which has tokens for holidays for £9 a day to collect, meanwhile I rise at a more sedate pace and prepare our breakfast repas.
Daily Mirror £9 holidayHowever, me thinks Darrell needs to curb his natural token cutting enthusiasm just a little as he can be lethal with a large pair of scissors!


Mr. D said...

Are you being sponsored by Tesco or The Daily Mirror or is it just a coincidence?

Helen said...

Just a coincidence Mr D .... we are working on it, but as of yet no sponsership deals.... the telling moment is when we suddenly start wearing Nike trainers and Rolex watches .... and our only response in comments and our chatbox is "No Comment"

Di said...

Can we please carry your suitcases when you go? Hank and Marvin xxx

Anonymous said...

Lucky Monkey, Darrell, and Nigel....Ah, I see wonderful holidays to assorted paradises in your future....Best forthcoming holiday Wishes.....Dianne