Monday, 23 January 2012

DIY Stores …. To Be Honest … Are A Bit Boring!

Darrell in Wickes
Both Darrell and I are strangers to DIY stores such as B & Q and Wickes, browsing their long shelves holds no pleasure for us! Fortunately we have Andy to do stuff of a manly domestic type nature such as unplugging drains, changing light bulbs  and erecting things with wood and stuff……
Wickes paint
However Darrell is not adverse to the odd trip to the aforementioned type shop, especially if Andy has requested help to carry screws or coupling joints things.
Wickes 1002
Darrell knows that Andy likes to be left alone while he is making his selections so he tends to wander around trying to find something of interest amongst the plethora of DIY products … but this has been known to lead to unfortunate situations ……
…… and fits of  the giggles, like when he saw these wooden stakes and wondered out aloud about the size of the vampire a stake of this mahooosiveness would kill and then theoreticised about the strength  needed to thrust such a stake into the said vampires heart, causing Andy to sigh greatly.Garden StakesJust like he did when Darrell also mused as to whether Derek Acorah knew you could get white spirit in a bottle!
Wickes White Spirit
I think Andy sometimes pretends Darrell isn’t with him until he  is ready to pay, and then has to search aisle after aisle looking for him,  last time  he found Darrell with his nose right up against a stack of wooden planks ….. inhaling deeply ….
The smell of wood
….. saying that the aroma of freshly felled timber was most romantic and made him think of lumberjacks????!!!!!   What is he like?


Mr. D said...

Darrell shouldn't be sniffing things in this type of shop, apart from the flowers.

sioux said...

No he could get a splinter in his nose

marc said...

I only go to diy stores to get free wall paper samples that i pull of in great lengths as one needs to get a good look at them (i then use these samples not on ones walls but as backing papers for hand made cards big love Marc