Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bathroom Comfort Of A Designer Type Nature.

designer Toilet Roll
As you know we take our “Bathroom Comfort” very seriously, especially during the festive season ….. even now we still have a little of our silver star tissue left on our roll from our New Year’s celebrations.
designer Toilet roll 1
Now don’t ask me how they got onto the subject …….. but Darrell was  talking to one of his favourite work colleagues, the delectable Sancha  (who teaches Food Technology)  about her comfort tissue of choice …… and what she produced from her bag left him momentarily speechless …….
Designer Toilet roll 3
……. and very, very envious …….. she ONLY had a roll of bright pink spotty designer tissue ….. he ooooohed and ahhhhhhed like there was tomorrow and couldn’t help stroke it and hold it close as he did so!
Designer Toilet roll 4
As soon as he got home he was on the website before you could say “Carry On Up Your Own Convenience” and pored for hours over all the designs …. every minute or so you could hear him gasp “They’ve got tissue for your birthday so you can have a celebratory type pooh!” and “They’ve got some with eyes on, and cactus’s on and barbed wire  and ladybirds and tiger print…….oooooooooooo, there’s too many, I can’t choose!!!!! ” ……  and then he started fretting because they had too many Christmas designs to choose from too! He also found out that Simon Cowell only uses black tissue Chez X Factor …….. oh Heaven help us …. we’ll never hear the last of this ….. !!  What is he like?


Mr. D said...

I didn't know people carried rolls of the stuff around with them.
I have used some awful stuff in my travels including one-ply in the Transkei and stuff worse than tracing paper. In some countries I have used the native method of just water from a barrel next to the toilet, using my left hand to clean off any remaining unmentionables.
In Abu Dhabi, there is a shower attachment next to the bog, to do with what you wish - nothing in my case.

Di said...

Oops Mr D - in my travels I always thought those 'shower attachements' were for swishing round the floor when the loos got cleaned :(

marc said...

i for one being a monkey of travel on a first class base's always carry wet wipes and toilet tissue and antibacterial hand spray to spray any thing one might have to touch in toilets of a foreign none British type nature big clean right hand show biz wave A little shocked one would be talking out this Hugh PS Mr Cowell has black towels to

lynne said...

Doesn't matter what brand/colour/pattern it is as on the "Whole" it's all the same... Sorry couldn't resist. Archie and I are off to hide just incase we get into trouble for being rude ♥