Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Design And Technology Trip To London Part Two – Borough Market

BoroughMarket10_thumb3From the Design Museum we had a quick hop on the coach to Borough Market. I wondered if it would be anything like Wolverhampton Market…
Borough Market 1_thumb[3]……. but you just couldn’t compare it …… …… it was sooooooo romantic.Borough Market 16_thumb[2]I so wanted to look all cosmopolitan and sophisticated and at ease in my surroundings but I think my over excited demeanour may have given me away …..
Borough Markets 4_thumb[3]My senses were assaulted by everything around me, I just didn't know where to look Some of the stalls were just Five A Day Heaven as they were stacked with wondrous vegetables I’d never seen before, like ….
Borough Market 2_thumb[2]….. purple and yellow cauliflowers …… how brilliant is that? Darrell would have loved them.
Borough Market 3_thumb[3]
I found that the stallholders were very generous too ……
Borough Markets 5_thumb[3]…. at almost every stall I stopped and looked at in awe someone would offer me something to try ….. oh my life ….
Borough Market 8_thumb[2]I sampled with gusto and refused nothing …… …… except for the wild rabbit, venison and boar ….. and the most mahoooooosive piece of fish I have ever seen ….. it would have done us for fish fingers for years!
Borough Markets 9_thumb[1] After trying a small piece of meringue, I succumbed and purchased a very large raspberry one to eat back on the coach …… it was worth a very easy 10 noms.
Borough Markets 6_thumb[1]This sign made me laugh …. I thought of me and Darrell becoming Posh Banger Boys at Wolverhampton car boot sales at the weekend to earn a bit of pocket money!
Borough Market 11_thumb[2]I had a WONDERFUL day and it made me realise how much I love London and need to come back again soon, one day is just not enough. It’s a shame that the Sun don’t do any £9.50 holidays there, perhaps I should write to the editor and ask!
Borough Market_thumb[2]On a sad note I lost my green felt “M” badge …. I have reported it to Scotland Yard, but if anyone happens to find it could they send it back to me ….. there will be a reward!


Anonymous said...

I hope all leave is cancelled in Scotland Yard monkey - this is a serious matter of grave concern! They need to find that badge pronto!
Maybe her ma'am might be able to put in a word for you.
Get on the blower to Her Majesty asap.

Mr. D said...

Maybe someone eating purple or yellow cauliflower will find a boiled "M" badge on their plate - oh no!
I have met a few wild bores in my time but never wild boars, just a few livid ones.

Anonymous said...

Awww Monkey, sorry to hear about your initial badge. Don't give up hope; Scotland Yard will certainly give this loss priority. With your quiet gentlemenly poise (even when scarfing down samples), you do look like a sophiscated London shopper. You would look right at home in Harrod's Food Hall or choosing a hamper at F&M's. Best London Fun Wishes..Dianne

Anj said...

certainly a lot different to our local market - Borough Market looks wonderful. Hope your badge turns up soon x x